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Systems Engineering and Technology

Most failures of space systems can be attributed to a failure of systems engineering. In the space business, this is the one thing you must get right. Dr. Sowers has decades of experience in the successful practice of systems engineering, including as the chief systems engineer for the development of the Atlas V launch system. He can help you establish the right processes at the outset, or assist in course corrections mid-stream.

Technology development is also a potential problem areas for space businesses. Getting the critical technology across the valley of death can be daunting. Dr. Sowers has done it many times. He knows the tricks and pitfalls.

Business Development

Without customers, you don’t have a business.  Success in making sales depends on many factors. You need to know who your prospective customers are and how to interest them in your products and services. You need to know how and when then might buy. And you need to leverage your existing customers to acquire new ones.  Dr. Sowers spent much of his career in business development, making sales to customers across the spectrum of government (Military, Intelligence and Civil) and commercial sectors. He developed deep relations with customers across that spectrum, in agencies as diverse as NASA and the NRO.  He understands the government acquisition process.  He has had equal success in the commercial sector.

Business Strategy

Business Strategy

The key to developing a successful business is having a good strategy.  Strategy starts with goals, knowing where you want to go and when you want to get there. Dr. Sowers has great experience in this area also. Most recently he architected the strategy for United Launch Alliance to transform its business from a government regulated monopoly to a commercially viable competitor. He has great familiarity with the industry standard tools for strategy development and can help your company put together a winning plan.