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Know that you are getting someone who is both experienced and knowledgeable help you make the most out of your business. George Sowers of Sowers Space Solutions is an educated individual that has personal experience in all of the services he offers other businesses. When you work with him, you get all of the years of education and expertise that comes with it. Available for any business across the nation, George is there for you.


  • BS Physics, Georgia Tech
  • PHD Physics, University of Colorado
  • Graduate, Defense Systems Management College, Program Management
  • Fellow, American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics
  • Inventor of the Year, Martin Marietta
  • Nova Award, Lockheed Martin

Engineering and Technology

  • Chief Scientist and Vice President Advanced Programs, United Launch Alliance (ULA)
    – Led Development of Vulcan Rocket Concept Including Selection of Blue Origin Be-4 Engine
    – Led Development of the Advanced Cryogenic Upper Stage (ACES) Including the Revolutionary Integrated Vehicle Fluids (IVF) Technology
  • Deputy Chief Engineer, Titan IV Program, Martin Marietta
  • Chief Systems Engineer, Atlas V Development, Lockheed Martin
    – Led Systems Engineering and Integration for the Development of the World's Most Successful and Reliable Rocket
  • Director, Atlas Mission Integration
    – Led the Integration of Dozens of Missions for the Military, Intelligence Community, NASA, and Commercial Customers
    – Participated in More Than a Dozen Space Launch System Development Programs and the Launch of Hundreds of Spacecraft

Business Development
Vice President, Business Development and Advanced Programs, United Launch Alliance

  • Led All Washington Operations for First 6 Years of ULA
    – Testified Before Congress
  • Leader of Cross Industry Effort to Gain Approval for NASA's Commercial Crew Program
  • Established New Ula Division for Human Spaceflight That Included:
    – Commercial Crew Program: Atlas Launching Boeing's Starliner Spacecraft
    – Exploration Test Flight (EFT) Mission for the Orion Spacecraft
    – The Interim Upper Stage (ICPS) for NASA's SLS Superheavy Lift Rocket
  • Sold Orbital ATK Cygnus Launches on Atlas for ISS Cargo Missions
  • Delivered $2-3B in Annual Sales

Vice President, Business Development and Advanced Programs, United Launch Alliance

  • Won X-37 Launch Services
  • Won Many Competitive Commercial and Civil Launch Services

Strategy Development

  • Led Strategic Architecture Team That Established the Current Plan for Ula's Transition from a US Government Regulated Monopoly to a Commercially Viable Launch Company
    – Established Business Structure Transformation
    – Established New Product Architecture That Combined the Atlas and Delta Product Lines into the Vulcan Rocket and Aces Upper Stage
    – Developed Strategic Partnerships with Blue Origin and Orbital ATK
  • Led Strategy Development for First 6 Years of United Launch Alliance (ULA)
  • Developed Vision for the Commercialization of Cislunar Space
    – Became the First Person to Publicly Set a Price for Space Resources
    – Developed a Plan for the Commercialization of Low Earth Orbit and Established Strategic Partnership with Bigelow Aerospace
  • Established the Cislunar Marketplace, an Informal Coalition of Government, Academia and Industry for the Commercialization of Cislunar Space. Includes:
    – Space Mining, Space Manufacturing, Habitats, Human Spaceflight, Transportation, and Space Energy Economic Sectors