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My Philosophy of Space

I believe it is a moral imperative for humans to explore and develop space. This is a strong claim and I will not defend it here, but those interested can see my personal website, for essays as well as an entire book devoted to the argument.

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My beliefs and passion for space have fueled my 30-year career in space development and is the driving motivation behind forming Sowers Space Solutions. If you share that passion and have good ideas about how to make it happen, I'd love to work with you.

The key for sustainable development of space is commercialization. With a few exceptions, like communications satellites, most space activities have been funded by governments for the purposes of national security, science or national prestige. These sorts of activities will continue but can't drive sustainable growth in the uses and benefits of space.


The benefit of commercial space activity is that it harnesses the power of the free market. Free market competition drives a year over year improvement in goods and services through innovation. The ingenuity of entrepreneurs delivers new products and services to consumers for lower and lower prices.

The commercialization of space will occur first in the regions of space closest to Earth spanning the Earth-Moon system called cislunar space. For convenience, I include Near Earth Objects (NEOs) in my definition. The reason for this is that the consumers necessary to drive a free market economy all live on Earth. Hence goods and services derived from space must deliver benefits to consumers on Earth. The real breakthrough will come when the infinite resources of space can be made available for the benefits of humans. This will release humankind from the constraints of finite earth-bound resources and provide the ultimate solution for long range problems like climate change.


While at ULA, I led the development of a vision for the commercialization of cislunar space called cislunar1000. As part of pursuing the vision, we started an informal group called the Cislunar Marketplace of like-minded entrepreneurs, industry representatives, academics, and government representatives to collaborate in different market segments of the cislunar economy. That activity is going strong.

For more information on the cislunar economy, visit the website.

ULA Innovation: CisLunar-1000